Monday, February 25, 2013

Seeing Stars

Pearl Cluster Earrings
Pearl Cluster Earrings 

2013 has started off extremely well for Essentials Etc.! We were selected to create jewelry for the 2013 GBK Oscars Gifting Lounge. We decided to make Essentials exclusive Pearl Cluster Earrings for the event, and once I received approval from The Artisan Group to make the earrings that's when the fun began!

Gifted for the 2013 GBK Oscars Celebrity Gift Lounge
Gifted for the 2013 GBK
Oscars Celebrity Gift Lounge
100 products were due in California (shipped from Massachusetts) on February 8, in order to get to the lounge in time for the February 22/23 event. Mind you, I was selected late November and still had holiday orders to fulfill…YIKES! I also needed to order materials and packaging because of course I didn't have enough materials to make 100 pieces, plus I wanted the packaging to be special for the stars! Needless to say I was working with a very tight deadline, but I was determined to make it. I recruited my family members to help with this most important task. Instead of using my studio, which could not accommodate all of my helpers, I did a dining room take over. I set up tables, lighting, and food…and of course some old school music! I scheduled work dates for everyone and tasks that they could handle (including my husband…who now knows how to bend and cut headpins). I am so grateful for all the support I received from my family. Hopefully one day I can repay them all.
Marcia Fleming making earrings for the stars
"Making earrings for the stars"

Every year we receive an invitation from the City of Brockton’s Mayor to sell our jewelry at the Holiday Bazaar, at this time the word was out that I was “going” to the Oscars. The Mayor was gracious and very supportive of my new endeavor. We were also invited to the 15th Annual African Festival & Marketplace again this year and between these two events we created quite a buzz in my hometown of Brockton. I appeared on two local cable television shows and in a PSA to promote the Festival and to talk about my participation in the Oscars. I also received a call, for the second time in 3 years to be featured in the Brockton Enterprise print and online edition (read article). The first time it was a feature story about my business, but this time they wanted to discuss the Oscars...but of course! I was told I would appear in the Friday, February 22 issue, when I picked up the paper I was surprised to see my article on the front page! What a treat! When I attended the African Festival and the Mayor got on stage to address the crowded room she gave me a HUGE shout-out! She also said she would wear the necklace that she purchased from me while watching the Oscars. I’m so honored!

The Oscars aired this past weekend check out some of the stars that received our package. We are hoping something really great comes out of our new found “fame”, but either way we're happy just to be nominated! He-he!

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