Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charmed, I'm Sure

As a child I always loved charm bracelets, It was so much fun to collect a bunch of things that you love and wear them on your wrist, back in the day my love was for monkeys and many other girlie girl things.
It was back in 2000 when I saw my first Pandora bracelet; I was very impressed how they bought this charming look into a new era. This updated look with the charms strung on a snake bracelet or necklace chain is very cool, but I still like the classic charm bracelets on regular links (shown on the left). I believe that a charm bracelet should tell a story and a little about the person wearing it. For instance, I have a tropical theme bracelet that has a palm tree, a flip flop, a tropical cocktail glass, and shells. I collected most of these charms from my travels throughout the Caribbean. My story is obvious; I love tropical much that I even tied the knot in beautiful Barbados! I will be sure to keep you posted on any great finds on my upcoming trips.

I love the conversation that a charm bracelet creates. It's so much fun having a girlfriend grab your wrist and check out your charm selections. Ladies here is a good tip when adorning your charms, make it your spring/summer look so it doesn't snag your beautiful winter sweaters.

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