Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Blog?

I decided to write a blog because I want to keep a journal of all of my wonderful hobbies (mainly jewelry).  The reason I named my company Essentials Etc. because the "Etcetera" or "Etc." covers all of my crafty/fashion addictions. Also, just in case my 21 year old daughter who is a fashion design student ever decides to collaborate with her old mom...I got her covered! 

I often wonder how a busy wife, mother and full-time Website Designer finds time for it all? The only way it's all possible is because I LOVE everything I do.  If I didn't it would be thrown in a closet to never be seen again, like the greeting card making idea and anything else that was one and done.

You ask...what are your hobbies?  Knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, floral design, dancing, traveling, and of course jewelry design.  Phew...that's a mouthfull!  Why so many?  Because I'm a curious one and I love to explore new adventures. I love to travel and I'm always interested when I go to museums and art shows in the beautiful handcrafted creations. It's my passion.  Will I ever stop?  Probably not.  There are so many things I have yet to do and so many things I am curious stay tuned to see what's next. 

I plan to blog to share all of my experiences but mainly to share my love for jewelry design.  I will keep you posted on all the latest trends and my new exciting creations.  You can also always check my website which I update regularly for updates.

Thank you for reading...we'll talk soon.

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